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About Us

With iconnect10.com you are now in control. It’s the new digital marketing system. Invite friends to Like, Share, Comment, post ads and get paid!

We are a digital marketing agency. We create ads and allow members to use our online tools for marketing, searching, recruiting, posting ads, and selling ads spaces. With iconnect10.com,you can attract customers by increasing the visibility of your business and get paid on the front end and backend!


Iconnect10.com launched in December 2016. We are already poised and positioned to become the biggest online digital advertising marketing platform. With over 30 years of combined marketing experience, we have marketing, advertising and leaderships experiences and skills to prove our success.

Our Approach

Our system is very simple. It’s geared to help thousands and thousands of people, just like you, achieve their financial freedom and dreams by increasing their viability to attract more customers and also, a monthly residual income can be earned by using these online resources. The online marketing industry is a trillion dollar industry, annually. Millions of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and advertisers are always looking for ways to increase their online presence. Many businesses and entrepreneurs are paying top-dollar using passive marketing such as classified ads, door-hangers, newspapers, fliers, and business cards, etc. to market their businesses and don’t really know how effective these medias are helping their bottom line. With the creation of social media, iconnect10.com is bringing to you a new way to market your business based on the way many, many people are communicating and sharing information.


Do you realize how much money companies like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, just to name a few, are making from all the online advertisements? Did you get a share of that money even though you’re watching these ads and using these products that are on their platforms?
Imagine if you had your own platform and you advertised and got paid to be your own boss.

That’s where iConnect10 comes into play, to help you utilize our brilliant system and take advantage of the unchallenged compensation plan.
Build a team. You and your team can began to visualize and achieve your financial freedom!

iConnect10 Team Members